About Us

The A1 Collection is an independent urban street fashion clothing company established in 2023 in Poughkeepsie New York.

It's a clothing collection, accessory & music shop with exclusive music releases from artists that features unique clothing and accessory styles from every A1 company created by T-LUV that's inspired from Hip-Hop & Reggaeton Music , Esports Gaming & the Cannabis Industry thats bringing a new style of fashion to NY.

The A1 Collection is dedicated to providing the best service for our customers with high quality products that offer the best prices on the market!

This is a community that anyone can connect with & others can grow with together that will last forever.

A1 Forever.


How long does shipping take?

Please allow up to 24-72 hours for your order to process & shipped out.
For domestic orders in the United States, it will normally take about 1-7 days.
For International orders, please allow up to 5-20 days.

Does The A1 Collection Restock Items?

No we don't restock any items only specfic items depending on availability. Every drop is exclusive.

Does The A1 Collection ship International?

Yes we ship worldwide to ensure that every customer will enjoy his or her shopping experience with us!

Is Your Website Secure With My Personal Information?

Absolutely! We use SSL security to ensure all your personal information is encrypted. We do not store your credit card information and it will be used one-time only upon purchasing your product. We never store any information about our customers private details!

How can I stay up to date on releases?

Follow us on our Instagram, Facebook & TikTok for the latest news!