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A1 Radio Playlist Placement

A1 Radio Playlist Placement

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We help artist's reach new fans & listeners to their song by
triggering the algorithm to be featured on playlists like Release
Radar, Discover Weekly & more! We help artists build new fans,
streams, saves & followers on their music with the help of
Facebook & Instagram Ads & the A1 Radio Playlist!

All campaigns are active for 30 days on our 4 created A1 Radio Playlists
that are on Spotify , Apple Music, YouTube Music & Tidal!

The campaign will start once your song is added to the A1 Radio Playlist

Your song will be added within 24 hours when we received your order

Your song will be at the top of the playlist thats available and will move down over time as your campaign continues to the end date

Our playlist has an audience reach of about 1k-10K monthly listeners

We also run Facebook & Instagram Ads to the playlist for more
exposure to your music & you will gain new daily listeners with a lot of
streams that are 100% organic with proven results from A1 Digital!


After your purchase, we will send you a downloadable A1 Radio PDF File of the instructions of the needed song(s) links to complete your order. 


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